If you just ran across VidiPlus you are probably a little curious about us, and how this software solution came about.
As with many companies, our story began during the COVID-19 Pandemic outbreak. Not only was it a health concern to our founder (we’ll get to that in a second), but also a business challenge. Many organizations came to a sudden halt, not sure if to continue spending marketing resources, how to work remotely, or how to continue the sales efforts without travel.

Speaking about sales … in a matter of a few months, the world shifted to virtual meetings. Building loyalty and personal relationships through face-to-face meetings was no longer a viable option. Not locally, and not around the world.
Sales are considered the core of an organization, without it, the business simply can’t go on.


Meet Dror Benjamin, long time entrepreneur, and VidiPlus’s Founder.

“Working in the medical device industry for the past 15 years through our sister company ‘Arcreative’, I meet sales and marketing teams on a regular basis. These meetings were mostly at industry conferences and involved lots of travel from country to country. When COVID-19 entered our lives, I continued speaking with my clients and colleagues around the world, and noticed a major challenge – the loss of personal engagement with their clients. Nothing says trust like a face to face meeting,” says Dror.

“After a couple of months, when we realized the pandemic is here to stay, I knew we needed to provide better tools to help my sales colleagues. Graphics, videos, 3D images were great, but not enough. I needed to take things a step further, helping sales pitch get better. Much better. This is how VidiPlus was born. Out of a need to enhance existing virtual meeting platforms.
Following many months of development, research, patent submissions, and consultations – we were ready to go.”


What you see is what you get!
When you browse through the VidiPlus website you can see there are many useful features that are great for anyone using a virtual meeting platform. Any platform.
But, the one major benefit – is staying in contact with the audience during a presentation. You no longer need to disappear when presenting a PowerPoint presentation, or a video. You are there with your audience, at all times.

“When everyone sees challenges, I see opportunities,” says Dror.  “Opportunities to improve the way we conduct business now, but also in the long run.”

Stay tuned for more amazing features to come.

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Good luck at your meeting!

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