VidiPlus on Calcalist: presentation software is digital caffeine for ‘Zoom Fatigue’

The virtual tool is intended to keep your Zoom calls more bearable during sales pitches.


For the last year, millions of workers have moved to work remotely. Most of their days are now taken up jumping from a Zoom call to a Google Hangout, maybe a Skype, and finally a Facetime to check in with friends or family. It can be exhausting – so exhausting, in fact, that the pandemic generation has even coined a term for it: Zoom Fatigue.


Vidiplus, aware of the burdens of conducting everyday life through our screens, was founded in April 2020 by Dror Benjamin as a response to the dreaded ‘New Normal’. Its cross-platform virtual presentation software for video conferences helps them become a bit more engaging, allowing for 3D visuals, images, web browsers, or videos to appear on one side of the screen as the person speaks to his or her audience on the other side.

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