We sure hope so! If you are just barely on time, and you planned to open up your laptop about one minute before the call starts, then, you may not be so ready. Here are some great tips to show your professional side and ensure a quick and smooth prep for your upcoming meeting, even when at home in a home-made office.

Let’s start with location. Location is key to making this zoom call the best that it can be. Choose a space in your home or office that is far from noise, well lighted, empty from other people, and preferably a clutter-free area, especially in the camera’s frame.

Make sure that background noise is at a minimum, no radio in the background, kids playing, gardener mowing your lawn, and more. Now, don’t fret yet, you probably do not need a state-of-the-art soundproof room or a house without noise, you simply need a room with a door that muffles noise, and earbuds or a headset with a high-quality microphone so your voice can be heard loud and clear throughout the meeting.

Let’s talk about angles and lighting. Once settled in the chosen room, turn on your webcam, and see how you look. If you look dark, make sure all the room’s lights are turned on, and then move the laptop or computer’s webcam a bit close to you. This will brighten up your face, and therefore show you in a better light, literally.
Regarding angles, take a minute before every meeting to play with your webcam’s angle. For this part, the goal is to place the camera in an angle that will feel as personal as possible. At eye level.

Depending on the height of your chair and desk, you may want to place a board game, or a pack of office paper under your monitor so you can look at the camera at eye level, not too high, and not too low. It is also recommended to place the webcam in the center of the monitor’s screen, so eye contact can be made with the camera and the participants easily. Once this angle is set, you are good to go.

Family members, especially young ones, can sometimes be a bother during your workday, so we recommend telling your household members about your upcoming meeting, and leaving a note on the door to remind them.



  • Room with bright lighting with no clutter and a solid wall behind you
  • Quiet space, with no other people in the room
  • Webcam should be at eye-level, and at the center of the monitor
  • Clothes should be ironed and professional

Good luck at your meeting!

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