Camera and Settings Recommendations

Although we are a software solution company, we still understand that the technicalities around a camera setting are essential. Webcams are said to be the gadget of the year (thanks Sam Byford, from The Verge for a great article). They may not be up to par (especially on laptops) but definitely getting there.
You want to look great, have your product looks great, and ensure your audience concentrates on your pitch…not on broadcasting challenges.
How can we do that?

Here are some tips to ensure your meetings goes well, and works best with VidiPlus software:

The webcam:
• Logitec brio webcam, or equivalent are great.
• Microsoft’s Yeti, or equivalent are also amazing

Click here for a good drop-down review on webcams by Omnicore.
Or here, for another detailed summary by WIRED.

The resolution:
We recommend you stick with 1280 X 720. Try not to modify it.

Some common challenges and solutions you may encounter could be listed and here by Windows Central.

Now go on, download VidiPlus, and make your meetings brilliant!

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