Branding Magic on Virtual Meetings

Speaking about space branding usually refers to office architecture and design in the physical arena. But, as we’re becoming accustomed to turning our workspace into a virtual environment, we must also think about branding it as well. We are all working from home, or virtually meeting people who are also home, and still need to maintain the organization’s identity.

Let’s talk about the importance of branding
A lot has been said about the power of marketing and branding on the conscious and subconscious levels. The essence of it is empowering the company’s awareness through consistent, cohesive messaging, at all contact points. It’s in the collateral and brochures, on social channels, website, exhibition designs…and so on. Now is the time to make sure it’s on our virtual space as well.

Here are some great branding information resources you can dive into:
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So, how do we turn the virtual meetings into business cards?
Here is some practical information you should keep in mind…

What elements can we use for branding the virtual space?

  • Name & Title: First off, you want to make sure your name and title appear right from the start. Your meeting guests might not remember you, don’t let them guess.
  • Logo: We put our logo on the adverts, brochures, website, and social media channels. We should do the same when it comes to virtual meetings.
  • Background Colors: This is a bit advanced, yet still necessary. Don’t let your home, a funny picture, or nature be what your audience remembers. Reiterate your message through the organization’s colors.

VidiPlus has some options all ready for you.
Given our graphic design experience over the past 15 years (read about us here), we made sure VidiPlus is as practical and marketing-oriented as can be.
On VidiPlus you not only insert your name, but you can also insert your title too!
In addition, you have the option of selecting the colors of the letters and the background.

Speaking about the background, VidiPlus did prepare in advance some great background images that surround the space. However, we do recommend you create your own PNG.
Any marketing expert or a graphic designer will be able to do that. Just make sure to keep the center of the image empty (that’s where you and the product should be).
To upload the background image, you simply need to ‘drag & drop’.

Click here to read more about it in our tutorial.

Now go on, make your virtual meetings brilliant!

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