Making Virtual Sales a Reality

Pulling at

Display any type of visual content, Instantly

Standard visuals, videos, PowerPoint Presentations, 3D images and more

Display many types of visual content, Instantly

Pulling attendees
back into the conversation

Now that virtual meetings have become THE communication platform, we need to convey our message clearly and grab everyone’s attention.

Point at the item

Point at the item

The visuals become transparent automatically, making it simple to explain

Brand your Space

Brand your Space

Add your name, title, and company logo along with a side background strip

Point at the item

Position your visuals

Feel free to move, scale up and down, rotate, or flip the images.


Compatible with most leading platforms


“The pandemic has dramatically changed not only our habits but also our working interactions. With travel no longer an option, we at Mindray shifted most of the activity to virtual, no matter we are talking about meetings, conferences, training, webinars. You may adapt through current platforms available to this new working approach but having the right tools may increase your confidence and reach successful communication without any loss in quality. The introduction of VidiPlus to our sales and marketing tools enables our pitches to be clear, vibrant, and successful. The more you use VidiPlus the more you realize the employment of this Solution is just limited by your imagination. For instance in Field Training and all Educational Activities you can drag and drop any visual, 3D images, presentations, or even videos into the platform and showcase product, electronic components or anatomical structures and point at those items increasing the communication effectiveness. You will realize how efficient your meetings will become as soon as you’ll see the mind-blown eyes of your audience! “

“As a physician, I tend to present at many live virtual meetings and virtual conferences.
Given today’s circumstances, virtual platforms are the best way to pass on my knowledge and expertise to people across the world.
VidiPlus simplifies this for me. The software helps make me get the information across clearly, at any type of meetings, while still keeping in touch with the viewers.
I drag and drop any information to the software, and present.
VidiPlus is much more than an ‘add-on’ to virtual meeting platforms, and it is likely to be used by many medical professionals in the near future”

VidiPlus is a great tool to help me during virtual meetings. Many my meetings include PowerPoint presentations, and VidiPlus helps me share those while the viewers still see me.
Its drag and drop feature, the ability to add a branded name and logo and overall simplicity help me make a great pitch in no time.
Once you start using it, you can’t go back to the old way of doing things.

“Once you start using VidiPlus there’s no going back! I especially like seeing people’s reactions when I share with them a 3D model scanned with Qlone floating in AR on the video call stream. VidiPlus is a huge leap forward in technology and in my opinion the best format to virtually meet colleagues and customers!”

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